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Water Treatment & Boiler Water Treatment


What happens when a piece of metal is immersed in water?


What happens to a surface where water is allowed to evaporate?


The reason to treat Water is to avoid or reduce Scale

Boiler Water Treatment

Reasons to treat boiler water:

Avoid scale and corrosion by eliminating:

Dissolved gases

Hardness salts

Various pollutants (oil, acids, mud etc.)

Heat transfer surface; boiler tubes

Boiler tubes must be kept clean for safe and reliable operation

Water Chemistry

Hardness salts

Magnesium and Calcium react with CO2 forming

Calcium carbonate and -bicarbonate

Magnesium carbonate and -bicarbonate

In hot boiler water, the hardness salts may crystallize and adhere to hot

surfaces forming insulating scale.When chemically treated, the hardness

salts form a sludge easily disposed of by blowdown.

Low Condensate pH -absorbed CO2

Chemical Treatment

Neutralising amines

Avoid leakages in the condensate system

Increase hotwell temperature

Dissolved gases

Carbon dioxide, CO2

Oxygen, O2

CO2 and O2 are present in air that is absorb by water. The amount of gases

present in water is dependent on the water temperature. In steam systems,

without treatment CO2 and O2 will lead to corrosion.

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