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Prime Movers, Pumps and Air Compressors

Prime Movers, Pumps and Air Compressors
    Figure 6-1.—Rotor and stator assemblies of an induction motor.
    Figure  6-4.—Coupling.
    Internal Combustion Engines
    Operation and Maintenance of Diesel Engines - Continued
    Operation and Maintenance of Gasoline  Engines
    Suction Force
    Types of Pumps
    Reciprocating Pumps
    Types of Reciprocating Pumps
    Figure 6-13.—Portable diaphragm pump.
    Operating and Maintenance of Reciprocating Pumps
    Centrifugal Pumps
    Use of Centrifugal Pumps
    Figure 6-18.—Sewage ejector centrifugal pumps.
    Advantages and Disadvantages of Centrifugal Pumps
    Figure 6-19.—Packing installation procedures.
    Figure  6-19.—Packing  installation  procedures-Continued.
    Figure 6-20.—Type 1 mechanical seal.
    Figure 6-22.—Grid-type flexible coupling.
    Figure 6-23.—Impeller, impeller wearing ring, and casing
    Operating Troubles
    Table  6-1.—Centrifugal  Pump  Operating  Trouble—Continued
    Air-Lift Pumps
    Jet Pumps
    Installation of Pumps
    Figure 6-31.—Making angular alignment.
    Figure 6-34.—Unbalanced loading of a double-suction impeller
    Stuffing Box
    Pump Maintenance
    Bearing Lubrication—Grease
    Stuffing Box
    Mechanical Shaft Seals
    Maintenance Timetable
    Air Compressors
    Table 6-3.—Troubleshooting
    Table 6-3.—Troubleshooting—Continued
    Compressor Components
    Figure 6-37.—A two-stage reciprocating air compressor.
    Unloading Systems
    Unloading Systems - Continued
    Figure 6-42.—LP air compressor piping arrangements.
    Cooling System
    Operation and Maintenance of Air Compressors
    Compressed-Air Distribution
    Auxiliary Equipment
    Safety Precautions
    Figure  6-46.—Traps
    Figure  6-47.—Air  receiver.
    Safety Precautions - Conntinued


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