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Apple gives a best offer to earn money for review.

A new offer to get PAID for the review. Apple gives a best offer for the one who use.

It's simple! Just be honest with your review and cover the good points and the bad points! You are only allowed 6,000 characters (not words) in an iTunes Store Review and the average review is around 200 characters long! That's just 60 characters over a Tweet!

If you can Tweet, you can write an App Review!

Here is a gem of an App I got for free! And here's my review on it:

Zombie Shock ($1.99)
Blow away your stress with ZombieShock!!
**Game Features **
-Thrilling, speedy progress
-Dynamic battles to release your stress!!! Pure thrill from attacking zombies.
-Small zombies with unique identities and dreadful gigantic boss zombies
-Various strategic weapons and upgrades
-Exciting heavy metal sounds
-Breathtaking in-game scenarios


There are a couple more I reviewed that I liked, and, I'll be honest, a few that were a complete waste of money! But here's the beauty of it – even if it was a waste of money, it did not cost me a dime because I was paid to review it!

Here's the best thing about getting paid to review Paid Apps – Some of them have a bonus attached to them. In fact, two Apps I reviewed had a $.50 bonus attached so I actually earned money by reviewing those apps.  One of them I would never recommend, and the other one was "OK" – yet I got them for free and earned money on them!

So do you want 'in'? If you sign up now, I believe Zombie Shock is still available for review. There aren't alot of Apps for review right now, but I'm sure there will be more!

How does it work?

If you haven't already heard about AppRebates, it's a new service that allows you to get paid iPhone apps for free. AppRebates help app developers gather opinions and feedback to improve their application. They give you a paid app for free in exchange for having you write a review.

It's simply. When you get an offer from AppRebates:

1. Buy the App
2. Write a Review
3. AppRebates gives you the money back through PayPal or an iTunes Gift Card.

Yep, I already received my money back, and a little extra, through PayPal – which, of course, can go back into buying more Apps or songs for my iPhone!

See! Simple – just click here: AppRebates and sign up ASAP. It's free, there's no obligation, review the Apps you want to review and get them for free and have the possibility to earn a little extra money towards more apps or songs!

Don't delay – sign up here now: AppRebates

See? Simple. Get paid iPhone Apps for free for a short review – and potentially, never pay for an App ever again!

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