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Why is Boiler water treatment required? oral answer

Why is Boiler water treatment required?

Purpose and Objectives

Following are the objectives of boiler water testing.

1. To prevent scale formation in the boiler.

2. To prevent corrosion in the boiler feed system by maintaining the boiler water's alkaline condition.

3. To remove dissolved gases such as oxygen from water.

4. To control sludge formation, thus preventing carry over into the system.

5. To determine the amount of impurities and thereby determining the amount of treatment required.

6. To maintain and provide residual reserve of chemicals.

7. To improve efficiency, thus increasing boiler life.

8. For economical operation of boiler.

9. To exercise careful control over boiler treatment chemicals.


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purvajaaa said...

nice information on boiler water treatment, thanks for sharing
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Anonymous said...

It may be worth mentioning the different chemicals available for specific Boiler water treatments such as:
Oxygen Scavengers - Prevent Scale (Sulphite and Tannin Based)

Polymer Sludge Conditioners - Converting hardness into mobile sludge for blowdown removal.

Alkalinity Builders - Changing Boiler chemistry to prevent corrosion or scale.

Phosphate treatment - pH control agents in high pressure boilers and scale prevention in low pressure.

Amine - Steam condensate line treatment absorb O2 & CO2 prevent corrosion.

Boiler Water Treatment

Market Research Reports said...

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Unknown said...

Thanks to give that all information for Boiler Water Treatment and this treatment maintain in the different - different firms of water chemicals.

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