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Request for question papers

Welcome to the marine notes ! My dear friends lets share the questions papers which we had with everyone..kindly send me email of questions papers which you would like to share with everyone email to: marinenotes4u@gmail.com
                     It's the best way to prepare for marine exams which i understood little late. i used to prepare the text books and some various notes which i collected but my friends who prepared from the previous question papers cleared very easily before me. They mugged the questions and answers so perfect that even in sleep they are able to answer those.
                Well i just request everyone to share the questions papers as many users are requesting for question papers.
                lets share the papers which we had for the upcoming batches. This is my small request to do so for one and all.
Just by an email you can send me the papers and your information too. Email me at :  marinenotes4u@gmail.com

some papers of mmd are here.
Let's share the knowledge about the MMD INDIA...!

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