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Initial response to engine or steering gear trouble

Initial response to engine or steering gear trouble 
When a vessel is not under command due to trouble with the Main engine or Steering Gear, the Officer of the Watch shall immediately take the following measures: 

* Stopping Engine (in case trouble of steering engine) 

* Alerting other vessels nearby 

(By means of lights for 'Not Under Command,' Whistle or VHF) 

* Reporting to the Master and Chief Engineer 

* Confirming the vessel Position 

* Estimating the Drifting Direction and Speed
Response To Engine Trouble

The Master shall take necessary measures in response to trouble in compliance with "Attention to Engine Trouble" 

When engine trouble occurs, the Master shall make an initial report to the Company. The Master shall report "Engine Trouble Report (Second & following reports)" to the Company. The extent of damages to the engine should be determined.

Report to External Body

When it is likely that safety of navigation will be impaired by a failure to the Steering gear, Propeller, Power generator system, etc., or when it is feared that oil could be discharged unintentionally, the Master shall immediately inform the nearest coastal station or Coast Guard station.

A Bell book must be used to record significant information pertaining to the vessel's movements. There should be sufficient facts to be able to reconstruct the passage. 

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