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Are you preparing for job search ? CURRICULUM OBJECTIVES for you.

Are you preparing for job search ? confused what to write as the objective.
here is some of the collection of objectives it may be use for you.
These are basic objective which are used in american process. Hope it may be useful for you too.
• To develop the idea of thermodynamic system, surroundings and boundary through
• To refresh the idea about pressure, temperature, volume, specific volume and density through
experiments and observations.
• To understand clearly the concepts of heat, power and energy through discussion.
• To understand Zeroth Law, 1st Law and 2nd Law of thermodynamics through observation.
• To understand heat engines, IHP, BHP and FHP
• To refresh the concepts of a heat engine and to study the classification
• To list out and hence to study the major parts of an IC engine
• To acquire a good knowledge of the working principles of an IC engine
• To study the terminology related to an IC engine like stroke length, dead centres, swept
volume, clearance volume and compression ratio
• To understand the working of spark ignition engines.
• To develop the concept of cycle of operation of petrol engine
• To provide an idea about the main parts of two stroke engines
• To give a thorough knowledge of the working of two - stroke SI engines
• To understand the main parts of a four stroke petrol engine and its working
• To introduce the working of Battery coil ignition system and Magnetto ignition system
• To give elementary idea about the working and parts of a carburettor
• To understand the cycle of operation of compression ignition engines
• To identify the major parts of a CI engine
• To have a thorough knowledge of the working principle of a two - stroke diesel engine and
to identify its important parts.
• To have a thorough knowledge of the working principle of a four-stroke diesel engine and
to identify the major parts.
• To distinguish the low compression, high compression and medium compression engines,
with suitable examples
• To have an idea about improving the engine performance
• To have a clear idea about the process of supercharging
• To familiarise with diesel engine parts, their functions and materials for construction
• To understand cylinder block and cylinder head
• To understand the functions of crank case, sump
• To have a clear idea about piston, piston rings
• To develop a clear idea about crank shaft and connecting rod and their working
• To understand bearings and their functions
• To differentiate between push rod and rocker arm
• To study the working of valves and valve guides
• To have a proper understanding about oil pumps and fuel injectors
• To develop the idea about fly wheel
• To understand the function and importance of fly wheel
• To understand the functions of oil filters
• To understand the importance of super chargers
• To develop a general idea about the fuel system used in diesel engines
• To get familiarised with the various components like storage tank, service tank, fuel feed
pump etc.
• To have an idea about fuel injection system like solid injection system and air injection
• To understand the working of different types of fuel injectors like blast injector, mechanically
operated injectors, automatic injectors
• To have a clear understanding about different types of nozzles like single-hole nozzle,
multi-hole nozzle, pintle nozzle, pintaux nozzle
• To develop an idea about fuel lines
• To understand the necessity and functions of lubrication system
• To study the properties of lubricating oil like viscosity, viscosity index, flash point, pour
point, cloud point, fire point, cleanliness, colour, specific gravity etc.
• To go through various types of lubricating systems like petroil, splash, dry sump, semi
pressure and full pressure system
• To familiarise with different types and working of lubricating pumps and filters
• To understand the need for cooling in an internal combustion engine
• To know the difference between air cooling and water cooling (Sea water cooling and fresh
water cooling)
• To have an elementary idea of heat exchanges in marine vessels
• To understand various types of starting system used in engine
• To get a clear idea about the hand starting, electric starting and air starting
• To have a knowledge on cold and hot starting
• To understand various methods of transmission of power in marine motor such as direct
drive, reduction drive and reduction and reverse drive
• To be familiarised with the components and functions of transmission system
• To understand the installation of transmission system

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