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Chennai mmd orals for class iv

Chennai mmd
safety :
how do u check the propeller shaft alignment 
plimsoll line,
draft changing due to density differnet
propeller removal 
types of crank shaft
types of rudder 
co2 fixed fire fighting safeties 
foam portable extinguishers 
keel block
gar-board stake 
shear stake
air board
collusion b/h

motor & general
m/e type ,model
air starting v/v, fuel v/v removal procedure
indicator card diagram
m/e maneuvering safeties
m/e alarms 
blow-throw procedure 
scavenge space inspection

safeties in msb
paralleling of generator
what is phase sequence, how to check
reverse power trip
types of motor
induction motor working
single phasing
insulation measuring procedure
battery room safeties

air gap in alternator
ows regulation
wat s coffin plate
y blowthorough of m/e
6 degre of freedom
safties in generator
basic defintion in ship construc like bilge kkel,duct keel, strake, gardbrd strke like dis
loadline markng
mgps, icpp

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