1. If a damaged ship is listing badly, is it always safe to pump out wing tanks? Under what conditions would it be 


2. What are the forces acting upon a ship among waves which cause her to roll?

3. With regard to the carriage of crude oil and its associated products, state a few differences in the constructional 

features of a conventional and a double hull tanker?

4. Explain how each of the following is made watertight, stating a suitable jointing materian and compoung reqd.
a. DB tank manholde door
b. Stern tube against the after peak bulkhead
c. Riveted shell plage
d. Access to a cargo tank on a bulk oil carrying vesssel

5. Describe the action of the rudder in steering a ship?

6. What are the requirements for maintaining watertight integrity of cargo holds?

7. Explain what is meant by left and right hand propellers. Descrive the usual rotatoin of propellers in twin screw ship 

and why?

8. Explain hw continutiy of strenght is maintained in the vicnity of openings in the shell?

9. What is the significane of GM GZ Curve

10. What is meant by stability criteria of a ship?

11. Describe hw water tightness is achieved at the coamings and crooss joints?

12. Describe the function of a stern frame?

13. Explain the principle of screw propulsion?

14. Explain what is meant by synchronous and resonant vibration?

15. Describe the construction of chain lockers and how cables are secures in the lockers. explain how to secure anchors 

in preparation for a sea passage?

16. Explain the reasons for damage stability requirements?

17. Explain what is meant by assigned summer freeboard?

18. Describe the types of the waves formed when shipp moves throu the water?

19. Explain the term capsizing moment?

20. Explain the purpose of maintaining the watertight integrity?

21. Explain the purpose of the rudder carrier and pintles?

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