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class iv orals mmd mumbai

oral: 27june 
mumbai mmd int: das ext: dnt knw

safety fn3
which ship u worked----oil tanker
1. free surface effect n its consequences.
2. all safeties on tankers.
3. why inert gas is present(ans shud be regulation) n used on tankers
4. what is inert gas (cross questioning. sum related to flammabilty curve)
5. explain ig plant of ur ship
(i had ig generator so told me exlain generator)
6. safety cut outs n trips in ig generator.
7. explain deck seal n types(cross questioning)
8. hw many marpol annexes are there.
(ans him 6 annexes and rest 2are still convections)
9. which annex ur ship follow
(answered annex 1) thn he asked
10. regulation related pumping out pump room bilges

motor fn 4b
1. air compressor of ur ship. exlain it 
safeties. fn of unloader. pv diagram of 2 stage air compressor(as my ship had 2 stage compressor)
2. superimose both 2 stages curve n show.
3. sea water line of ur ship(i answered i had central cooling)
4. draw line of central cooling n exlain
(too many cross questions)
5. discharging going on copts are running n same u came to knw tht
boiler glass showing too low water wht will be ur action..
(again too many cross questions)
6. procedure for blow through guage glass.

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