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Meo Cl IV Orals 25th June 2012, surveyor- int- barik, ext----
Fn 3.
1. name marpol annexes and explain
2. name solas chapters and explain
3. bilge pumping criteria for mc space and cargo space bilges inside and outside special areas.
4. garbage generated from tank washing in tankers, what would you do with it?
5. which annexe does incinerator come under? what substances are not allowed for incineration?
6. is incineration of plastic allowed? what are the criterias for getting the requred approval?
7. how would you ensure that your ship following Annexe 5?
8. what is sole piece?
9. what is garboard strake?
10. DB tank construction with diagram. both transverse and longitudinal framing.
11. Draw plimsoll marking and load line marking showing dimensions.
12. ship moving from sw to fw. change in draught? why?
13. latest regulation regarding ship construction.
14. marpol/solas latest regulations.

Fn 4B.
1. diff between two stroke and four stroke cycles. valve timing diagrams
2. what is supercharging? types of supercharging? 
3. shafting diagram.
4. why is thrust bearing placed near flywheel and not near the propeller to reduce shafting losses?
5. scavenge fire, indications, causes, actions to be taken and how to avoid.
6. 20 points of crank case inspection.
7. what are paramagnetic, dimagnetic and ferromagnetic materials?
8. purifier overflowing, what actions would you take?
9. sewage treatment plant regular maintenance.
10. air compressor safeties.
11. boiler cascade tank construction. action in case of oil detection in cascade tank.
12. ig system diagram, explain.
13. bunkering procedure.
14. manoeuvering diagram for MAN B&W.

Fn. 5. had cleared fn 5 earlier still he asked me.
1. Switchboard safeties.
2. Undervoltage trip and over current trip.
3. alternator maintenance
4. induction motor construction and principle.

Fn. 6.
1. overhauling of centrifugal pump.
2. bilge pump, type. why used.
3. ows, operation.
4. raipd drop in sump level in ME. reasons.
5. Rise in sump level. Reasons.
6. Function of gravity disc in purifier.
7. reasons for deterioration of generator oil.
8. liner cracking. indications, remedies, actions.
9. cylinder head mountings. draw fuel injector and explain.

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