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Musters and drills

Musters and drills

A Master must ensure that musters and drills are carried out to enable you and your crew to confidently handle any emergency situation. An emergency muster station must be nominated for every person on board, and this information be displayed where it can be best seen and at the muster station. In planning drills a Master should consider: 

  The relevance of drills to be conducted as they apply to your vessel.
  The time interval between each type of drill.
  The schedules which outline how each drill should be conducted.
  Emergency signals for muster stations and abandon vessel.
  The required Official Log Book/Record Book entries.
  Obligations for keeping crew lists.
When planning drills make best use of your most qualified and experienced crew. Use their expertise to focus on the specific needs of your vessel which will allow you to concentrate on procedures rather than technical knowledge. Drills must be meaningful to be effective and this means your crew must be enthusiastic. Pick a suitable time when they are not all tired at the end of a long day and make the drills short and relevant. Developing a spirit of teamwork and a general ‘safety ethic’ will make the practical aspect of the drill more rewarding for all.

Service and maintenance of life rafts-           
All life rafts, whether inflatable or rigid,
should be serviced by an approved service centre. It is a survey requirement that
servicing be completed annually.
On board servicing requires checking the lashings are secure and the painter is tied to the vessel

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