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some orals question for class iv

what is moulded breadth,tumblehome?
what is sheer?relation between fwd and aft sheer?
everything abt SOPEP?sopep locker position?
older bulk carriers don't have co2 system for cargo holds..what arrangement they should have for fire fighting in cargo hold according to solas?
what is TPC?
ship going from seawatr to freashwater..what will b change in draught with proof?
IMO number,where it is marked on ship?
can,t rem anymore..
causes of linear wear?full detail..
what is cloverleafing?
causes and indication of blacksmoke from one unit?
metods of supercharging of m/e?
bottom end bearing clearance,how to take in case of m/e?
what is interlock?detail..
why superlong stoke?why not to increase the bore?what is benefit of making liner superlong..
limits of S,L and K stroke of m/e.
can't rem anymore
function of synchronoscope..and its diagram?
cumulative damage due to difference in generator frequency in case of paralleling..
indicators on emergency switchboard?
batteries in series and parallel its effect on voltage and current?
synchronoscope rotating anticlocwise means?
can't rem anymore..
welden pump working with diagram?
boiler gaugeglass blow through?
funtion of aftercooler?
how to take bumping clearance?
freashwater generator maintenance..ratio in which descaling liquid mix with water?
defects of refergeration system?how to purgeout air ingress?
can't rem anymore..

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