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What is a cam less engine ?

What is a cam less engine ?
In this engine, the camshaft  functions are replaced by an electronically controlled set of actuators. These actuators control the starting air valves. Start and reversing sequences. Governor function, auxiliary blowers, electronically profiled injection (EPIC) and exhaust valve actuation. This is done with great precision than camshaft controlled engines.
The exhaust valve, as on MC engines, are opened hydraulically and closed by an air spring. The actuator is hydraulically driven by pressurised control oil via an on/off type valve. The starting air distributor has now been replaced by electronically controlled on . Off valve which in conjunction with the ECU and the CCU. Control the starting air valves. The hydraulic power is provided by the hydraulic power supply units placed at the aft end of the engine.
The cam less system, being electronically controlled is fully integrated with other MAN B&W diesel developments such as more efficient fuel and lube oil injection and the COCOS engine diagnostic platform.
This control makes the overall of each system even more effective and reliable. The ECS can folly control and optimize the combustion process at any load by electronically controlling the valves according to the crankshaft position

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