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What is Hot Well ?

What is Hot Well?
Hote Well recollects the steam after the work is done and it is condensed. Boiler water tank is known as the hot well because boiler feed pump takes suction from the hot well and gives it to the boiler through feed check valve. It can be called by three different names, they are:
  1. Hot well - because the water collected is hot
  2. Cascade tank - because it collects the water from the condenser
  3. Observation tank - because it is used for observe for any oil or dirt entering the system
If any traces of oil are found in the system, it indicates that there is a crack in the steam heating line in side the fuel oil tanks. A sight glass is placed to observe the traces of oil or dirt present in the system.
If oil is present in the system then it forms a coating in tubes of the boiler, which may lead to lesser heat transfer to the water in the boiler.

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