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Difference between RTA, RND & Rt flex types

RD series
It is the oldest engine series from SULZER and very rarely seen in shipping industry today.It is equipped with rotary exhaust valves and fuel valve with short spindle. The cylinder liner quills were of wet type and placed only at the upper part. It has pulse turbo charging system with no auxiliary blower fitted for supporting the scavenge pressure.

RND series
One of the most famous design of SULZER with a slogan of “Our Exhaust valves never burns” as this engine doesn’t have any. It has loop scavenging i.e. exhaust and inlet ports are provided in the liner. It was fitted with more liner quills at the bottom of exhaust port and is of dry type. Auxiliary blowers are provided and constant turbo charging system is adopted. It produces more power than the engines of RD series.

RTA series
It is the modern day engine design with exhaust valves fitted. It has become very famous in modern shipping as it is a balanced blend of automation and mechanical engineering. It consumes less fuel and produces more power with three fuel valves in one cylinder.

RT Flex series
It is the latest and the toughest engine from Wartsila Sulzer with maximum automation installed. It consists of a common rail fuel injection method and uses fully integrated electronic system based on a high performance computer eliminating parts like fuel pump, fuel cam, chain drive etc. resulting in reduced maintenance.

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