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How to train juniors on board ?

How to train juniors on board ?

  1. At first teach him about personal safety and let him know his emergency situations and duties
  2. Teach him about emergency signals, various alarms, emergency escape routes etc.
  3. Let him familiarize engine room machinery, deck equipment and accommodation.
  4. Tell him to prepare a layout of engine room machinery and fire fighting equipment
  5. Asses his knowledge and experience
  6. Prepare a training program according to TARB (training and assessment record book)
  7. Tell him to trace and draw all pipelines one by one including its function and safety
  8. Train him for a particular machinery one by one: function of that machinery, safety of that machinery, describe the operation principle, show him how to start , run and stop of that machinery, finally let him start, run and stop of that machinery in front of you.
  9. Gradually, teach him preparation and operation of all auxiliary machinery and main machinery
  10. Let him carry our overhauling of purifier, air compressor, auxiliary machinery etc with a responsible person. 
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