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How would you prepare a main engine for sea?

How would you prepare a main engine for sea?

This may vary from engine to engine
Have a visual check all around the engine
Start the engine l.o.pump; engage turning gear and turn the engine ensuring indicator cocks are open
J.c.w. heating should be on ensuring the engine is warmed through circulate by a circulating pump
The F.O. booster pump should be running, circulating fuel around the system.
Note: if maneuvering on high viscosity F.O. the fuel should be heated and circulated around the injectors to give the correct viscosity for the grade of the fuel in use.
Ensure fuel injectors are vented and primed. Drain any water from air start receivers and starting air manifold also control system
Check jacket heater tank level
Check oil levels, sump, governor, turbocharger, cylinder l.o.tank, rocker arm if on 4 stroke.
Operate cylinder lubricators by hand
Check f.o.service tank i.e., drain off water/sludge
Disengage turning gear
Inform bridge that you are about to blow the engine over on air – they will give you permission. Open air start valve from receiver
Once engine is blown over on air, close indicator cocks start j.c.w pumps, shut off jacket heating and circulating pump
If two stroke engine, start auxiliary blower
Inform bridge you are ready to start engine
Start engine and s.w .cooling pump
Have a good visual check around the engine and check all parameters are correct
Inform bridge that you are ready for stand by

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