The nomenclature of MAN B&W in detail

The MC/MC-C Programm

MAN B&W have explained the nomenclature for their large 2-stroke engines as follows:
The first letter stands for engine stroke – K for short stroke about 2.8 Stroke/Bore ratio, L for long stroke about 3.2 S/B ratio and S for super long stroke about 4.0 S/B ratio
The next letter M denotes the engine programme
The third letter denotes the type of engine control – C for camshaft control and E for electronic control
An additional fourth letter C is added in the case of a compact version of the engine
As for Sulzer RTA engines, I had attended a presentation at the works of Sulzer Winterthur in the 1980s when Sulzer introduced their RTA design for the first time. The Chief Designer presented a paper at the seminar when he disclosed that the characters RTA were chosen on recommendation of a phonetic expert on the ground that the combination of characters RTA sounded phonetically very nice!!

Conastructional difference (jituraj_r) between SMC and LMC: LMC is bigger (taller and broader) due to larger stroke and crank throw and obviously more powerful than the SMC. Most other details are quite similar.

Piston diameter or cylinder bore? (Nick) - The design figure is 90 cm. The actual piston diameter will be slightly less depending on the clearance allowed but for the sake of convenience the difference is disregarded. So you may call it cylinder bore or piston diameter whatever you like - both would be correct.

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