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Safety trips simulation of boiler & Boiler mountings

Safety trips simulation of boiler:
  • Low - low level trip : isolate steam and water valve then open drain of float chamber.
  • High Pressure trip: reduce settings of high pressure trip or raise steam to trip condition.
  • Flame failure trip: pull out the sensor to simulate flame out condition.
  • FO pressure low: stop FO pump
  • Atomizing steam pressure low: shut atomizing steam pressure
  • Control air pressure low: shut control air valve to boiler controls
  • Flue gas temperature high: open the temp sensor and put in hot oil bath.

Boiler mountings:
  • Safety valves
  • Main steam stop valve
  • Burner assembly
  • Soot blowers
  • Air vent
  • Bottom blow down valves
  • Scum blow down valves
  • Furnace drain
  • Gauge glass steam and water valves
  • Main and auxiliary feed water valves
  • Valves to pressure gauges and transmitters
  • Manholes,mudholes and peepholes
  • Valves for remote water level indicator
  • Steam and water valves for lever alarms and trips
  • Water sampling valve
  • Chemical feed valve.
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