air system
Forced drought fan
Draws air from the top of the boiler room and discharges it through ducting into the air heater.
Air heater
It situated in the flue gas ducting from the boiler and transfer heat into combustion air before it ducted to the air register

Air register
The heated air is now ducted into the furnace register, a circular cowling which swirls the air blowing it into the furnace combustion area at an air ratio of between 10 and 20%

Boiler feed water system

It is a heat exchanger situated in the exhaust gas ducting and it transfers heat to the boiler feed water on it way back to boiler

Boiler feed control valve
Controls the supply of feed water to the top drum. This valve opens and closes as the steam pressure and steam flow varies.
Boiler feed check valve
It is a non return valve situated before the drum used to isolate the feed water flow to the boiler

Fuel oil system
Fuel oil pump
Transfers fuel oil from the storage to the fuel oil heater
Fuel oil heater
Heats the fuel oil to a high temperature to maintain viscosity
Fuel oil duplex filters
From the heater the oil is pumped through the duplex fine mesh filters
Fuel oil burners
It is located in the air register, it atomises the fuel spraying it into the furnace

Steam system
Steam superheater
This is an enclosed nest of pipes located in the hottest section of the exhaust gases, usually to the underside of the steam drum

Soot blowers
long perforated pipe which rotates spraying steam or compressed air onto the boiler tubes removing the coating of soot deposited by the combustion gases. Located around the water tubes economiser and air heater tubes.
               Safety valves
two high pressure safety valves fitted to the steam drum outlet piping and one safety valve fitted to the superheater outlet header.

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