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Checks to be made while running an diesel generator and safety devices

Checks to be made while running an diesel generator

Once the generator has actually started to run, there are several checks which must be performed before it is left on its own to continue running. These checks pertain to verifying various parameters related to lube oil levels, temperatures and so forth. Given below is a brief checklist related to the same.

Lube oil checks
  1. Sump lube oil level
  2. Governor lube oil level
  3. Rocker arm lube oil level
  4. Alternator forward and aft bearing lube oil level
  5. Lube oil in turbine & blower side of turbo charger
Temperature checks
  1. Exhaust gas temperature
  2. Turbocharger (inlet-outlet) temperature
  3. Booster air inlet temperature
Cooler temperatures
  1. Cooling sea water (inlet - out let) temperature in cooler
  2. Jacket cooling water (inlet - outlet) temperature
  3. Air cooler (inlet -outlet) temperature

Safety devices

Once the above mentioned parameters have been checked and found within normal range, it is safe to continue running the generator. Yet a fault can develop even at a later stage, so for this very purpose various trips and alarms are situated on the generators. An alarm gives the signal of an impeding danger and requires quick action while a trip actually trips the generator immediately because of the nature of the fault.
The various trips and alarms are mentioned as follows
  1. Alternator bearing low oil level alarm & trip
  2. Alternator bearing high temperature lube oil alarm &trip
  3. Low sump oil level alarm and trip
  4. Lube low oil pressure alarm and trip
  5. Reverse current trip
  6. Over speed trip
  7. Over load trip
  8. High and low frequency trip
  9. Jacket cooling water low pressure alarm

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