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Main Switch Board(MSB) Safeties, Protection and Maintenance

Main Switch Board(MSB) Safeties, Protection and Maintenance

Main Switch Board (MSB) Safeties

  1. MSB to be installed on a raised platform.
  2. The location where MSB is installed should have good ventilation, illumination and affected by minimum vibration.
  3. No water or oil pipes should pass above the MSB.
  4. There should be adequate space around allowing comfortable operation ans maintenance.
  5. The operating floor space in front and behind the MSB should be covered with anti skid, insulated rubber mats with a minimum thickness of 15 mm.
  6. Panel doors should be in locked position.
  7. Door opening mechanism should be interlocked with power supply.
  8. The enclosure should be drip proof.
  9. MSB should be dead front type. (i.e. All the live conductor should pass behind MSB)
  10. Every equipment onboard must be properly earthed. Also MSB must be properly earthed.
  11. Every incoming and outgoing feed must be protected by a switch fuse or circuit breaker.
  12. Insulation resistance should not be less than 1 Mega Ohm in any case. Insulation Resistance (IR) to be checked and records are maintained.
  13. All meters must be calibrated periodically and records are maintained.
  14. All the meters, switches, fuses, push button, indicating lamps, etc. should be in working condition and identified with individual name plate or tag.
  15. All the interlocks must be in working condition.
  16. Operating switch gear, tools such as circuit breaker handle, fuse puller, lamp grip, etc. must be readily available and to be used.
  17. Red tag / name plate indicating high voltage and danger sign should be fitted
  18. Appropriate ready to use fire extinguishers should be positioned nearby. (CO2and DCP)
  19. Charts indicating drill procedures in case of electric shocks must be displayed near MSB.
  20. Wiring diagram laminated or framed indicating supply system must be displayed nearby.
  21. All the appropriate spares should be properly preserved and protected, individually packed and identified, and should be readily available for use.
  22. Earth fault indication should be fitted and displayed in front panel.
  23. 24 volt battery supply emergency light should be provided near MSB.
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