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Starting procedure of a generator engine

Starting procedure of a generator engine

Starting of an engine from "stop" state is something which needs to be done with care, especially if the interval of starting is sufficiently long. The following is a checklist of all the checks which ideally need to be carried out before starting the generator. In actual practice sometimes the engineers might take some of these for granted and skip, but it is advisable not to indulge in such a practice. Infact these checks are generic for any four stroke engine starting process
  1. Check the turbocharger sump oil level, governor, alternator, forward and aft lube oil levels, and diesel oil level in service tank
  2. Open the indicator cock
  3. Prime the lube oil to all parts by hand pump or by motor driven priming pump
  4. Ensure that all jacket cooler valves, lube oil cooler valves, air cooler valves should be in open position
  5. With use of the Turning bar turn the fly wheel and check for any resistance on the bottom end bearing and check any water / fuel coming out through indicator cocks
  6. While turning engine, check all visible lube oil points are lubricated
  7. Remove the turning bar from fly wheel and put in the place
  8. Drain the auxiliary air bottle
  9. Blow through engine (ie: by turning engine with air). In order to ensure that no water is inside combustion chamber if it is present it may cause water hammering
  10. Close the indicator cocks and pull lever from stop to start
  11. When the needle in RPM indicator deflects to some value of (0-25 rpm) put the lever in run condition
  12. The engine will run on fuel oil once the generator picks up the rated speed
  13. Put generator on load by closing air circuit breaker
  14. For checking the alternator fore and aft bearing lube oil level by opening oil plug in the alternator and the ring bearing while rotating splash lube oil from the sump can be seen
  15. In order to synchronize the incoming generator with running generator syncroscope method/dark lamp method is used

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