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Capesize casualty in Korea, Typhoon Bolaven

--> here is the Capesize casualty information which was sent by one of my friend.

Photo: www.telegraph.co.uk
Busan, Aug 28 -- Bulk carrier Pacific Carrier (77458 gt, built 1986), laden with some 40,000 tons of damaged coal, was lying anchored at Samchonpo anchorage, Samchonpo, when it dragged anchor and ran aground on the sandy bottom during strong winds caused by typhoon "Bolaven" at 0635 today. The vessel has broken into two parts. No oil spill/pollution or crew injury has been reported up until this time. The vessel still remains aground at the site without wreck removal operation schedule being fixed yet. The vessel is insured for hull and machinery risks by the Meritz Fire & Marine Insurance Co Ltd, Seoul, and P&I risks by Japan P&I. -- Lloyd's Sub-agents (Hyopsung)

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