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Displacement,Deadweight & LIGHTWEIGHT


Displacement,Deadweight & LIGHTWEIGHT


This is the equivalent mass of sea water (sg = 1.025) displaced by the hull. It is therefore equal to the Total weight of the vessel


Deadweight is the difference in tonnes (1000Kg) between the displacement of a ship in water of specific gravity 1.025 at the load waterline corresponding to the assigned summer freeboard and the lightweight of the ship.
It includes bunkers and other supplies necessary for the vessel to proceed on passage as well as cargo.
The Deadweight may be quoted at the design draught although this would be specially denoted


Lightweight is the displacement of a ship in tonnes without cargo, fuel, lubricating oil, ballast water, fresh water and feedwater in tanks, consumable stores, and passengers and crew and their effects.

Gross Register Tonnage, Net Register Tons

This is a volume measurement where one Register Ton is equivalent to 2.83 m3 and express the total moulded internal size of the vessel and are used for the calculation of harbour and canal dues. It can be found on the International Tonnage Certificate each vessel must hold. 
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