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Importance of maintaining log book records during a watch


 Importance of maintaining log book records during a watch and vessels stay in port
i)       The log book serves as a legal document in the event of an incident to prove the functioning of equipment.
ii)      It serves as evidence of various requirements of different states regarding tests / checks to be carried out prior arrival of their waters (These should be logged accurately).
iii)     Recording of various parameters of machinery helps in identifying a trend. And deviation them normal parameters would point an impending breakdown of machinery.
iv)     Logging of the parameters terms an important part of the condition monitoring process and hence plays a important role in the preventive maintenance.
v)      Last but not the least, it ensures that watch keepers take diligent care in checking the equipment / condition of machinery as they sigh the entries in the log book for their watch thereby taking responsibility of the watch.
            Procedures relating to entries in the log book.
i)       Entries to be made neatly clearly and legible.
ii)      It there is any need for cancellation the previous entry is to be legible and countersigned by the person carrying out the cancellation.
iii)     As far as possible readings to be taken from the local instruments and not the remote gages.
iv)     Entries to be accurately made and filled in the relevant column / row.
v)      All the entries relevant to the machine  to be made as far as possible.
vi)     Additional operations / incidents to be logged down in the reruns / column.
            All operating parameters of operating machinery should be logged down in the respective columns or spaces reserved for them. The flow meters should be logged down to enable calculation of consumptions other than the above C/E will log down following after calculating.
  • F.O. consumption for M/E, A/E & Aux blr.
  • Engine rpm
  • Distance by engine observation
  • Propeller ship.
  • F.O. / L.O. / FW ROB
            The most important parameter regarding M/E would be the main L.O. pressure.
            Maintaining the L.O. pressure within the specified range would ensure proper supply to the bearings sliding surfaces, thrust pads, pistons etc. If the L.O. pressure is lower than what is required, starvation of oil would lead to damage to bearing chances of hot spot and crankcase explosion. There by putting the main propulsion machinery out of action.
Other than the above, the other parameters are
i)          Exhaust temperatures.
            These would indicate proper combustion
ii)         Scavenge pressure and temperature
iii)        Engine load (fuel index)
iv)        Piston cooling temperatures.
v)         Jacket water temperatures.
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