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Refresher Training Courses for Basic and Advanced Safety Training

Refresher Training Courses for Basic and Advanced Safety Training

1. Instances have come to the notice of this Directorate General of Shipping that the Maritime Training providing Refresher Training in Personal Survival Techniques [PST], Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting [FPFF], Proficiency in Survival Craft & Rescue Boat [PSCRB] and Advance Fire Fighting [AFF] courses are insisting on participating Officers and Ratings to produce the original Certificates for PST and FPFF even though they are in possession of the PSCRB and AFF Certificates, respectively, or have   achieved   the  requisite   standards  through  an upgradation  training  after  the implementation of the STCW'1995.

2.         This issue has been discussed at length and this Directorate General  is of the opinion that for undertaking Refresher Training and issuance of Refresher Training Certificates in respect of the PST, FPFF, PSCRB & AFF courses, it is not necessary to have a PST (or Personal Survival) and FPFF (or Basic Fire Fighting) Certificates, if the officers and Ratings are in possession of the Advanced training Courses respectively, i.e. PSCRB and AFF, or have achieved the equivalent standards through an Upgradation Training after the implementation of the  STCW'1995.

3.         Further, the formats of the Certificates to be issued on completion of the Refresher Training for PST, FPFF, PSCRB & AFF courses have been modified and are issued as attached Annexures A, B. C & D of this Circular.[Pages 2, 3, 4 & 5 respectively].

4.         This is issued in partial modification of STCW 2010 Training Circular No. 6 of 2011 dated 27.12.11, whereby Annexures 3, 4, 5 & 6 of the said Circular are replaced by the Annexures A, B, C & D of this Circular.

5.         This issues with the approval of the Director General of Shipping, Government of India.

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