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Main Engine Starting Procedure Step by Step.

Starting Of The Main Engine Procedure ! Step By Step.
 Disengage the turning gear.
 Start main lube oil pump and cam shaft pump and
observe the pressure and temperature.
 Start JCW pump and observe the pressure.
 Open the main air valve on the air bottle and open
air to the distributor.
 Check oil flow through the sight glasses in piston
cooling outlet and turbocharger.
 In Wartsila engines, additionally start crosshead
lube oil pump and check pressure
 Try out the engine on air in concern with bridge for
ahead and astern direction
 Put telegraph in "Ahead position" and give the
starting air. Check all the cylinder indicator cocks
for any sign of water.
 Repeat the above point for the "Astern direction" to
check the reversing system.
 Start fuel oil pump and auxiliary blowers.
 When bridge is ready, follow the telegraph orders
and start engine on air and fuel.
 Check all the parameters and feel the condition.
 Check firing of fuel injector by feeling the jerk on
the high pressure pipe.
 Check air starting valve for leakage by sensing the
temperature of the air pipe before the valve.
 Check exhaust valve operation and its rotation. For
Sulzer engine, sight glass is provided and for MAN
engine, indicator is provided to check rotation.
Check cylinder lubricators for proper working.
 Check flow of piston cooling oil.
 Check pressure difference in turbocharger and air
 Check under piston and crankcase temperature.


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